nurse interacting with older female patientLooking for an inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation program that accepts Medicare insurance?

Many people with Medicare struggle to find addiction treatment that isn’t in a nursing home.

Medicare’s Addiction Treatment Program Requirements

Finding addiction treatment centers that take Medicare can be tricky due to Medicare’s requirements; The insurance requires that the program be hospital-based. Many of the luxury rehabs, therefore, such as beachfront or exclusive mountain resort property facilities, do not meet Medicare’s requirements and therefore cannot accept individuals with Medicare.

How to find addiction treatment for Medicare

Instead of searching for addiction treatment programs in general, your process may be streamlined by searching for “hospital-based rehabs” or calling large hospitals in your area to see if they have an addiction program that accepts Medicare.

Alternatively, you can call Salt Lake Behavioral Health, as we have a 30-day drug and alcohol recovery program that accepts traditional Medicare. At this time we do not accept any managed Medicare plans. You can reach our Care Coordinator by calling 801-455-3431.

How many days of inpatient rehab does Medicare cover?

Patients can attend 60 days of treatment after paying their initial deductible. Days 61-90 are available if they want to pay a coinsurance payment of $371 a day.

What is the cost of drug rehab if I have Medicare?

Inpatient addiction recovery programs are a covered service under part A of traditional Medicare, so those who wish to attend will only have to pay their part A deductible (usually $1484). After 60 days, there is a $371 daily coinsurance rate. At Salt Lake Behavioral Health, our program is 30-45 days, well below the coinsurance rate threshold.

Let us Help

Salt Lake Behavioral Health’s program is available to patients from all around the country. Simply call our care coordinator to get started at 801-455-3431.