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Understanding Trauma

A traumatic event can be many different things: intentional harm (combat, abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, assault, witnessing violence, etc.), unintentional harm (accidents, fires, surgeries, etc.) or a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, earthquake, animal attack, or life threatening illness). When individuals experience traumatic events there can be both physical and emotional changes in the body.

Sometimes recovery from traumatic events requires medical or therapeutic interventions; this can be symptoms of extreme anxiety, flashbacks of the trauma, avoidance behaviors or disassociation. If you or someone you know is struggling with management of day-to-day life due to a past or recent traumatic event, seek help.

You can experience relief from suffering from trauma with therapeutic intervention and support.

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PTSD Recovery Testimonial

Trauma can be caused by many things. Justin's experiences in the Air Force led him to PTSD. Now he helps others overcome trauma and suicidal thoughts.

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