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Veterans Program

Veterans Program

Salt Lake Behavioral Health offers several mental health and substance abuse treatment options for veterans:

  • Short term (5-7 day) inpatient care for suicidality
  • 30-Day PTSD inpatient for veterans
  • 30-Day Substance Abuse Treatment for veterans

Emergency Mental Health Care for Suicidal Veterans

Veterans who require emergent mental health care due to suicidal ideations or attempts can get treatment at Salt Lake Behavioral Health. Typical length of stay is 5-8 days. Mental health treatment for suicidal veterans may be covered under the COMPACT Act. Call 801-264-6000 for more information or to coordinate an intake. Suicidal veterans may also present as walk-ins to our facility.

PTSD Mental Health Program for Veterans

We can accept veterans in our inpatient PTSD unit, Strong Hope, with a referral from their local VA. The majority of the patients in this program are active duty, but we can also accept veterans with a referral. Call 801-850-1982 to talk with the Strong Hope care coordinator.

30-Day Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Veterans

Salt Lake Behavioral Health offers a 30-day addiction medicine program for seniors and veterans. We accept Medicare, Tricare, and referrals from the VA. Call 801-455-3431 or visit our Rehab page for more information on our addiction medicine program.

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